Landscape Irrigation

Landscape Irrigation

The Central Coast Landscape team includes Certified Irrigation Technicians

Our team of specialists monitor your irrigation systems with scheduled visits to the site. We evaluate and adjust schedules, and perform routine maintenance and repairs while on site. Water, being a basic necessity to plant life, is of great importance to our maintenance staff. We endeavor to conserve water (one of our most valuable resources) while at the same time ensuring that all of the plant materials receive what they need to thrive.

Our staff is equipped with all the equipment and experience necessary to handle your irrigation needs. This includes water use analysis and establishing a water budget specific to the site. We have wire tracking equipment which assists in valve location and mapping as well as location and repair of underground low voltage wiring problems. We also have remote control equipment which helps to expedite trouble shooting and repairs.

Central Coast Landscape takes pride in providing Irrigation management that exceeds industry standards.

We have been involved with Weather Based “Smart Controller “technology since they were first introduced.

The weather based controllers when properly set up are capable of automatically adjusting the amount of water that is used
in the landscape by communicating with a weather station. The watering schedule is adjusted by comparing the evapotranspiration ( E T ) needs of the plant materials to the weather data. This technology greatly increases efficiency and conserves water. We have been working with local municipal water districts employing this technology.

Landscape Irrigation Auditors

Irrigation controllers have evolved from simple mechanical clocks into complex computer driven systems to control water resources in our landscapes. In addition to using new irrigation controller technology, Central Coast Landscape offers an Irrigation Water Audit service. Central Coast’s staff participates in the Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA), and landscape irrigation auditors perform regular audits to define, measure and quantify water use across our landscapes. Audits enable more efficient control over programmed irrigation controllers, pinpoint system deficiencies enabling reductions in metered water usage of 30 to 60 percent.

Don't let your baby dry out! We have professional Irrigation specialists.